Another reference to testing of the UNIMOG demonstrator of WaVe by Franziska Cusumano (Head of MBS) in the new “be a mover”-talk

In the current “be a mover”-talk Jörg Howe interviews Franziska Cusumano (head of Mercedes-Benz Special Trucks and Custom Tailored Trucks). She references the joint project WaVe and it’s UNIMOG demonstrator from minute 6 onwards. The Video shows the testing of the demonstrator on a closed section of the autobahn near Bayreuth. More details on the … Read more

Fourth Consortium Meeting of »WaVe«

On November 13th HYDAC Process Technology GmbH welcomed its consortium partners in Saarbrücken to the fourth consortium meeting of WaVe. The event started with an introduction of the HYDAC News Techonologies GmbH, which is part of the HYDAC Group and focusses on the fields of „Hydrogen & Advanced Solutions“, „Mobile Electrification“ and „Advanced Steering Systems“. … Read more

Networking Conference “Hydrogen-based Commercial Vehicles” – Topic: »WaVe«

On December 7th 2023 the sixth networking conference of “hydrogen-based commercial vehicles” took place at the Leibniz-Institut für Verbundwerkstoffe in Kaiserslautern. The sixth event focussed on the research project »WaVe«. Attendants perceived exclusiv insights into the research project and a demonstration of the running hydrogen-based UNIMOG-demonstrator. A sneak peek is also available at the program … Read more