Successful completion of the first test phase on the hydrogen test bench

The first test phase of the H2-engine of the joint project »WaVe« was successfully completed in October on the hydrogen test bench of KST-Motorenversuch GmbH & Co. KG. The newly appliqued motor passed various test cycles without aborting due to error messages or knocking phenomena. Furthermore, load jumps in drive mode and in PTO mode (Power Take Off = working mode for driving engine auxiliary drives) were run through and documented as a basis for the vehicle application and adaptation. In addition to the running of the engine system, initial tests on the interaction between the hydrogen engine and aftertreatment of exhaust gas were carried out on the test bench.

After successful completion of the test phase of the first prototype, it is currently being installed in the Unimog demonstrator in order to extend the system boundary from the engine to the vehicle. Parallel to tests while driving, further test bench trials with optimized prototypes are planned. At the turn of the year, the hydrogen engine is to be installed in the Unimog together with tank, safety and monitoring systems and the tests during operation are to begin.